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Meet Linda Rachu


Linda Rachu

Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

My Philosophy

Certified in the fitness industry since 1994, I take my profession seriously and to heart. Whether you are looking to tone up, lose body fat, or gain muscle, I will help you meet not only your fitness goals, but also as a certified nutritionist I will teach you to make healthier eating choices by setting you up on a nutritional meal plan. As a professional in the forever changing field of fitness and nutrition, I feel I can never stop learning about the latest scientific and nutritional discoveries.




  • Certified Personal Trainer – National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Certified Nutritionist – Exercise & Nutrition Works Inc.
  • Certified Group Exercise – Aerobics & Fitness Association of America
  • Certified CPR/AED



  • Strength/Toning & Cardiovascular Training
  • Nutritional Meal Planning
  • Youth to Older Adult Training
  • Sports Specific Training


My favorite hobbies include rollerblading, kayaking, boating, hiking, snowmobiling, skiing, and snowshoeing. I also enjoy the variety of Aerobic classes I teach including 20/20/20, Yoga, Cardio Kickboxing, and Group Strength Training.

To set up your personal training appointment with Linda, call 715-316-7896 0r email

PERSONAL TRAINING FEES (Add $10.00 per session for Nutritional Meal Planning)

  1. 60- Minute Session $30.00 Train with a partner for ½ the price!

(5) 60- Minute Sessions $135.00 (5) 60- Minute Session $90.00 per person

(10) 60-Minute Sessions $250.00 (10) 60- Minute Session $150.00 per person